Scaffolding board bookshelves – Part II

I was so pleased with my first attempt at making a scaffolding board bookshelf that I decided to add another. You can read more about how to prepare the boards for turning into shelves in the “Scaffolding board bookshelves – Part I

A few notes and photos for anyone wanting to try scaffolding board bookshelves

In the section about brackets in my previous post about scaffolding board bookshelves, I said that you could find a similar set of brackets in B&Q. While this is true, the ones I found were sadly too large for my piece of board and needed to be returned. I’m guessing that scaffolding boards are of a universal size so if that particular bracket didn’t work for me, it probably won’t for you – either way it’s worth measuring in advance! The ones I went for in the end are similar in structure (“bronze effect weave bracket”), if not in colour or feel, but they do the job and I think they fit well with the industrial look of the boards – if perhaps slightly less sturdy in appearance.

A word about weight

These brackets are designed to hold up to 20kgs (about 45lbs). I checked the weight of my shelf (on its own). It weighed 5kgs (11lbs), which gives me plenty of weight to play with…. now to add some books…

If you have a similar project, please share in the comments below.

Scaffolding board bookshelves - Part 2

My helper…

Scaffolding board bookshelves - Part 2

Brackets attached to wall, shelf resting on top to mark where the pilot holes need to go

Scaffolding board bookshelves - Part 2

Everything level!

Scaffolding board bookshelves - Part 2

All done… now for some books.

Scaffolding board bookshelves - part II

Another view.